Rock Band 3 Ozzy Osbourne, Nine Inch Nails packs among those on sale this week

With Rock Band 4 on the way, it's best to start building up that DLC library. Xbox 360 users will have a chance to get started with a handful of Rock Band 3's more intriguing song packs.


Harmonix raised the hope of many music fans by announcing that the dormant Rock Band series will indeed return in 2015. With the knowledge that DLC will make the jump from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, it should be noted that Harmonix is offering up notable discounts on some big-time song packs this week for Xbox 360 users.

The following song packs are getting slashed by 40% this week (50% for Xbox Live Gold Members):

  • Aerosmith Greatest Dimensions 6-pack (Back in the Saddle, Dream On (Live), Legendary Child, Lover Alot, Sweet Emotion, and Walk This Way) - $5.99
  • Black Keys Pack 02 (Howlin' For You, Lonely Boy, and Tighten Up) - $3.29
  • Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Pack 01 (Terrible Lie, Head Like a Hole, Sanctified, and The Only Time) - $4.19
  • Ozzy Osbourne 8-pack (Mama I'm Coming Home + (pro), Bark at the Moon + (pro), Mr. Crowley, Diary of a Madman, I Don't Know, Flying High Again, Steal Away (The Night), and Over the Mountain) - $8.09

With no official Rock Band 4 release date available (or even any concept footage released), Harmonix is going to give players a chance to build up that DLC library prior to its release. Look for similar sales to hopefully give PlayStation users a chance to build up their song list in the coming months, as well. For more information, including news on an upcoming Rock Band Blitz sale, check out the Harmonix forums. While normally, a trailer would be posted below… well, the music industry sure does love its copyright claims, doesn't it?

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