Nintendo will bring Pokemon-like RPG Yo-Kai Watch to US 3DS systems

Pokemon fans should take note of Yo-Kai Watch considering just how similar an experience it looks to offer.


Move over, Pokemon. Yo-Kai Watch will be headed to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in the U.S.

“With sales of more than 7 million units in Japan, YO-KAI WATCH is coming to the U.S., where a new audience will be able to experience this irresistible franchise for the first time,” NOA’s executive VP of Sales & Marketing Scott Moffitt said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, parent, fan or fan-in-the-making: Everyone will be won over by this charming game.”

Yo-Kai Watch is a role-playing game developed by Level-5 that centers around a boy who obtains a special watch that allows him to befriend Yo-kai. The boy can then help the Yo-kai as well as summon them to fight other Yo-kai. With the help of Yo-kai, players can help various characters solve everyday problems.

Yo-Kai Watch originaly released in Japan back in July 2013 and was well-received by both critics and players, which resulted in it becoming an anime and manga. Yo-Kai Watch has generated over $1 billion in retail sales of toys and other merchandise in Japan, which doesn’t include games, music, or publishing.

To get an idea of Yo-Kai Watch, feel free to check out the original game’s trailer below.

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