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New Fire Emblem Lets You Choose Your Path

New details regarding the upcoming Fire Emblem game were revealed in today's Nintendo Direct, including mutliple story paths and a release window.

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Today's Nintendo Direct revealed new gameplay features for the upcoming Fire Emblem game. Since the main character is custom made, the game will offer a greater freedom of choice so that players have a chance to play the way they want. In the game, there are two warring factions: the peace-loving Hoshido and the glory seeking Nohr. Players will have an opportunity to choose which kingdom to support. The path you choose will determine your character's fate. The world and characters will remain the same, but the storyline, battles, and outcomes will change according to the decisions you make.

Hoshido is like tradiional Fire Emblem game, so is therefore more accessible, even to new players. Players will fight alongside allies to combat Nohr invaders. Siding with the Nohr means that you have to tame an unruly kingdom from the inside, meaning a more complex storyline and a more difficult challange. 

Players will have a chance to make their choice in 2016, with Fire Emblem for Nintendo 3DS releases in North America.

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