Indie Shoutout: Axiom Verge

Thomas Happ doesn't just deliver an homage to games of the past. He creates a smorgasbord of the best ideas of the past and offers his own ingredients to create a Metroidvania that stands on its own. Andrew is here to offer a video overview.


The Shacknews staff has some fond memories of classic 8 and 16-bit franchises and has observed the manner in which they have inspired an entire generation of game developers. Some games pay more homage to these classic series than others and it appears that Axiom Verge is doing so in almost-literal fashion. But aside from visual aesthetics and mechanics, there's another thing that Axiom Verge has in common with the greats of the past. It's one of the most sharply designed games in the Metroidvania genre.

Andrew Zucosky gives Axiom Verge the Indie Shoutout treatment this week, breaking down everything that makes Thomas Happ's debut outing such a memorable experience. It isn't all homage, either. The game definitely makes its own unique stamp with new ideas like the Address Disruptor. Watch as Andrew offers up an overview on what the game is, as well as a brief history of its development, in the video below.

As for those wondering where the formal Shacknews review is? Look for that to go up in the coming days.

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