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Sunset Overdrive gets a price cut in time for final DLC

The final piece of downloadable content is now available for Sunset Overdrive, and lucky for you, the game just became much cheaper to pick up.


Sunset Overdrive is receiving a new piece of downloadable content today that pits man vs. machine in Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines.

DotRotFM has players taking part in a rescue mission to save Sam’s old mentors from the Fizzco Robotics Factory, which quickly turns into an all-out assault in order to counter-hack and take down Fizzco defenses. Don’t worry, as “hacking” in this DLC means destroying a bunch of upgraded Fizzco bots for the last time.

Insomniac Games is also celebrating April Fools’ Day with a new achievement. Players can receive the “Worst Job in the Kingdom” achievement by replaying and completing the Floating Garbage mission within 15 minutes. Doing so will net you a total of 200 gamerscore points.

With the release of the final piece of downloadable content for Sunset Overdrive, Microsoft has given the game a permanent price drop in select Xbox One markets. US-based Xbox One owners will be able to pick the game up for $39.99. The DotRotFM DLC is available for $9.99 by itself, although Season Pass owners can gain access to it instantly.

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