April Fools: PlayStation Flow combines immersion with submersion

Want to get completely submerged into your games? Then the PlayStation Flow is for you.


Sony has announced its latest wearable technology that builds on the success of Remote Play, Share Play, and Project Morpheus called PlayStation Flow. Before you submit your pre-orders, you should know this is the company's April Fools' Day joke.

PlayStation Flow helps enhance the gameplay experience during levels where a character would need to swim to their objective. During these moments, players would pause their game, put on their PlayStation Flow, which is a combination of VR goggles and sensors for your arms and legs, and continue their game where they left off at the local swimming pool.

Don’t have a swimming pool? You won’t need one as you could also enjoy PlayStation Flow from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, or even your bathtub.

Once you’re done swimming, the PlayStation Flow can return you to your game quickly through the use of a body dryer, which is said to dry the player in seconds. Considering how crazy loud the original PlayStation 3’s fans would get when playing games, we could see where Sony may have gotten the idea of their body dryer.

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