StarCraft 2 Legacy Of The Void GDC 2015 Interview

At GDC 2015, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new Protoss unit as well as new maps scheduled to release with the upcoming Legacy of the Void expansion.


Earlier this year at GDC 2015 we managed to catch up with Blizzard to discuss the new Protoss unit, the Adept, as well as the newest maps hitting StarCraft 2. This new unit and the new maps will be featured with the upcoming Legacy of the Void expansion pack. We also managed to learn that Legacy of the Void will have closed beta invites heading out in waves starting March 31st, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

If you haven’t been following StarCraft 2 the newest maps set to his the real time strategy game are Ruins of Seras, Lerilak Crest, and Orbital Shipyard. For more information on the upcoming closed beta, as well as the new Legacy of the Void expansion, check out the video below.

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