Mortal Kombat X Reveals the Faces of Mileena, Takeda, and Kung Jin While Redefining Ragequit

In today's Mortal Kombat X gameplay stream, NetherRealm Studios revealed fighting variations for Mileena, Takeda, and Kung Jin. The team also showed two custom game modes and officially made Quitality a thing. The full breakdown follows.


On today's Mortal Kombat X gameplay stream, NetherRealm Studios revealed gameplay for three characters, two game modes and added the word Quitality to the MK lexicon. A Quitality, for those who can't guess, is a punishment for players that decide to quit out of an online match when it seems like they're losing. Quitting will automatically blow up your head and awards the opponent a flawless victory. 

New Game modes revealed include Test Your Luck, which randomly assigns modiefirs to the match. NetherRealm allowed four modifiers, but it can be expended to seven or so. These modifiers change up the game in various ways, like adding electric fists, hitting players with a slow debuff, or randomly makng portals appear for players to fall into. These modifiers often fall onto the screen as skulls and can be picked up (or tripped on) by players. However, players have the option to block some of the modifiers if they choose to.

Complimenting the mode is Custom (Kustom?) Kombat, where players can select their own modiers. There are over a hundred of them in total, and are unlocked by completing tower challenges. In this mode, each player was allowed to select two modifiers. Additionally, they could determine if the modifier applied to both or just one character. The custom mode is only available in local multiplayer.

In additional news, the PS4 version of Mortal Komat X will support PS3 fight sticks.

NetherRealm also provided a rather extensive charater reveal by showing off three different characters, two of them new to the series, and their variations. They are as follows:


Mileena is a returning character, created through sorcery using Tarkatan physiology, which gives her plenty of sharp teeth. She likes to toy around with her opponents, hits with fast moving combos, and likes to play around with her opponents. She can throw her sais and has a lot of jumping combos. 

Ethereal: Mileena makes full use of her magical origins, so her moves are accented with being able to teleport or disappear for a short time. While playing the Ethereal variation, the player focuses on the setup. She can disappear, then strike while her opponent is vulnerable.

Ravenous: Mileena feeds into her Tarkatan side by putting away the mask making good use out of all those teeth. Ravenous includes a lot of biting combos, where Mileena will jump onto an opponent and take a good long chomp. She can also leapfrog over opponents, which can transition into different combos before she rolls away.

Piercing: This variation relies heavily on sai combos. She can do a low split sai throw, and can jump onto her opponents for a stab fest.


Trained by Scorpion, Takeda uses two bladed whips, similar to what Ivy from the SoulCalibur series. He has a lot of reach, can perform a torpedo kick, throws down exploding daggers. Overall, he's a well rounded fighter.

Shirai Ryu: Takeda uses whip moves similar to Scorpion. He can grab enemies from a distance and yank them towards him. The variation also enables a number of teleportation moves, including air teleports, and one that fakes out opponents by double teleporting.

Lasher: With Lasher, Takeda whips are electrically charged. This variation is all about range, and he uses his whips to add extra power to his flurry of punches. He can also trip opponents or hit them while they're in the air.

Ronin: In addition to whips, Takeda pulls out dual plasma swords. Not only do they slice and dice, but they can fire projectiles or reflect projectiles back at people. A sword can also be thrown on the ground and summoned back up at the player's choosing to knock opponents upward.

Kung Jin

Kung Jin is a Shaolin Monk who carries a magical bow. The bow doesn't do a lot of damage but it's good for quick hits. He is also capable of performing a number of different kicks, like a flying kick or dive kick. 

Ancestral: This variation relies heavily on the bow, and Kung Jin can fire arrows while mid-air. He can also use the spirite of his ancestors to power up his arrows in three different ways. They can be charged with fire, made to sap an opponent's super meter, or stuns them.

Bojutsu: Kung Jin uses his bow as a staff, turning him into a formadible close range fighter. The staff can also fire mid-air fireballs to discourage opponents from jumping.

Shaolin: Choosing the Shaolin variation gives Kung Jin a shakram and a number of new moves to go with it. He can use it as a close-range bladed weapon or throw it around and have it work like a boomerang.

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