Helldivers hopes to spread Democracy with three new DLC packs today

Three new DLC packs for Helldivers will be available for purchase later today that adds new outfits and gear to your ever expanding arsenal.


Helldivers is receiving some new reinforcements starting today in the form of 3 downloadable content packs that will offer some new outfits and gear, which in turn should help spread Democracy throughout the galaxy.

The Commando Pack features Helldiver Commandos, which specialize at being a one-man army. The pack includes the Commando Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape), the SMG-34 ‘Ninja’, and the MLS-4X ‘Commando’.

The Defender Pack features Defenders that are capable of holding their ground in any situation and includes the Defender Uniform, the CR-9 ‘Suppressor’, and the AD-334 ‘Guard Dog’.

The last pack, called the Support Pack, includes Support Helldivers as they bring both firepower and medical aid to their squads. The Support Pack includes the Support Uniform, the LAS-16 ‘Sickle’, and the AD-289 ‘Angel’.

Each DLC pack retails for $2.99 each, although all three packs can be purchased together for a discounted price of $5.99.

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