GTA 5 Online Heists – The Fleeca Job

If you want to roll with the big boys of the time, you’ve got to be able to pull off the smallest of crimes.


The first heist you’ll gain access to, comes as a phone call from Lester, and will only require two players to pull off. He’ll mention doing some work to your apartment in a text message, and once he calls all you’ll need to do is head back home, run to your Heist Planning Room, and then start up the mission from there.It should also be noted here that you’ll need to have a high-end apartment in order to have access to a Heist Planning Room.

Setup One – The Scope Out

As with any good crime worth pulling off, you’ll want to scope out your target beforehand. After you have accepted the initial heist and grabbed it from your heist room you’ll need to meet Lester outside so you can drive to the bank and give the place a once over.

Hop into Lester’s car and follow the marker on your map until you reach the Fleeca bank you’ll be hitting. As you move towards your destination Lester will fill you in on any information you need to know, just like he did in the single player missions. Once you arrive at the bank, take a look at it, then you’ll need to drive back to Lester’s place to pick up his assistant, Paige, and a truck full of supplies to take back to your apartment. As you drive back the second player, who isn’t driving, will need to complete a mini-game which will teach them how to hack into the bank’s system. Practice as much as you can with the mini-game, as you’ll need to complete it a total of three times to break into the bank’s system during the final heist.

Once you’re back at Lester’s warehouse, hop into the Granger and drive it over to your place. Park it in the garage to finish the first setup mission and move on to the next.

Setup Two – Kuruma

Now that your apartment is setup it’s time to learn how to plan your heist and choose your outfits for the next part of the job. Once you’re ready to continue head back into your heist room and start the job up. From here you’ll be given a brief introduction to outfitting, planning, and the Heist Board. Choose the second Setup mission and then your outfits to move on.

Once you’re setup, grab your car, and drive over to the parking garage marked on your map. The enemies you’ll be stealing from at up on the top floor of the garage, so you’ll want to park at the bottom, put on your masks, and then make your way to the top. We highly recommend sending on person up the stairs to the south, and have the other person go up the ramp to the north. This will allow you come at them from two points of entrance. Take out the enemies, grab the armored car, and then prepare to fight your way back Lester’s warehouse.

Once you make it back to Lester’s the mission will end and you’ll be ready to head into the final heist.

The Heist – The Fleeca Job

Now that you’ve set the heist up it’s time to get to the nitty gritty and pull off your first “big” job. If you want to head straight back into the heist pull up your phone and choose that option from the JOBs section of your smartphone. Choose your team’s roles, the amount of each person’s cut, and your outfits. Once you’re setup drive to Lester’s warehouse and grab the Kuruma. Now head to the bank. As you drive the Driller will need to complete the mini-game from the first mission 3 times. Once it’s completed and you’ve arrived at the bank the Driller will need to open the vault door up. Once the vault door is open, pop on your masks and head inside.

This is where the two different roles play the biggest part. The Driller will need to head to the back and use the drill in his bag to upon up the box. However, the Driver also has a job to do. He’ll need to take out the 4 security cameras located around the lobby and then keep the teller and the customers intimidated while the Driller does his work. Just keep the intimidation bar bright yellow and you’ll be good to go.

Once the Driller has everything opened simply make your escape by heading out the front door. The Driver will need to take out a few cops on the way, however, once you’re both in the car head down the yellow route on your map to make your escape.

As you escape you’ll need to drive around or through several police blockades. Just ignore them and drive until you reach the bridge with the CargoBob helicopter hovering over it. Match his speed and you’ll be picked up by the magnet, and carried away to safety. Congratulations on finishing up your first Heist.

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