Apple's App Store and iTunes Store are down for 'all users' [Update: It's back!]

If you've been trying to access either the App Store or iTunes Store, don't even bother at this point as Apple has admitted these services are down for "all users."


If you’ve been attempting to access the App Store today, you’ve likely been met with issues. You’re not alone as Apple has revealed its App Store, Mac App Store, and even iTunes Store are unavailable for all users.

Today’s outage started around 5am ET when a number of Twitter users reported issues connecting to the App Store. Since then, the issue has become more widespread, resulting in Apple to take these services down in order to fix them.

As of this writing, Apple has yet to disclose just how long it’ll take to fix whatever issues its App Stores and iTunes Store is currently having or when its users can expect to access these stores once again.

I’ll keep an eye on the status of these stores and proceed to update this story accordingly. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be an all day thing as I’m sure many of you need to get your daily App Store fix.

[Update: The App Store, Mac App Store, and iTunes have returned. That sure did take a while, didn't it?]

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