Google joins the realm of Virtual Reality with VR Android OS

Reports are coming in that Google has joined the ranks of the VR masterminds with plans for a Virtual Reality version of their popular Android operating system.


Looks like Valve isn’t the only new contender in the world of Virtual Reality. According to the Wall Street Journal, web giant Google is working on a VR version of the Android OS.

It would seem that Microsoft, Facebook, Oculus, Valve, and now Google all have stakes in the VR market. There isn’t currently a lot of details on the new Android OS, however, it has been reported that the new OS will be freely distributed just as the original Android software was.

There’s been no official statement from Google regarding this new operating system, but we do know they are working on Project Tango, which created 3D versions of the environment around you using your phone’s camera. We also know that they’ve shelved Google Glass for no, and they’ve also had some success with Google Cardboard, which essentially turned your mobile device into a cheap 3-D viewer. Who knows what we’ll see from Google in the future, but if this report is anything to note the VR market has become even more crowded.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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