AMD Steps Into the World of VR

AMD joins the Virtual Reality ranks with a new software SDK to help deliver smoother and greater VR experiences.


Looks like AMD is trying to make its name known in the Virtual Reality world. Unlike Valve and HTC, however, it won’t be competing with its own headset. Instead AMD has opted to take to the software side of things with a new software called “LiquidVR”.

This new set of technologies is basically a SDK focused on enabling greater VR content development, while providing some improved comfort in VR applications. AMD plans to do all of this by creating a better Plug and Play environment for Virtual Reality, as well as reduce the amount of non-immersion factors (things like judder, latency, and lack of display power) which are currently problems in the market. So far we’ve only had a few of the upcoming features of this LiquidVR SDK made known to us, but this is a promising step in the right direction.

The features known at this time include; Async shaders for smoother head-tracking, Affinity Multi-GPU for scalable rendering, a programming mechanism called “Latest data latch” for smooth head-tracking, and a Direct-to-display feature which is planned to deliver plug-and-play simplicity to the VR experience.

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