ScreamRide demo hitting Xbox platforms at midnight

Microsoft will be publishing a demo for ScreamRide later on this evening on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.


ScreamRide will be holding its grand opening starting on March 3, but Microsoft has announced they’ll be allowing thrill seekers the option to check the game out through the release of a demo that’s being released on Xbox Live at midnight tonight.

ScreamRide’s demo will be made available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 and allows players to try out each of the three career modes. You’ll be able to ride in the cockpit of a coaster as a ScreamRider through various twists and turns, strategically plan how to build coasters as an Engineer, and see it all come crashing down as a Demolition Expert.

In addition to ScreamRide’s demo news, Microsoft has also published the game’s official launch trailer, which can be viewed below. Just be sure to strap into your seats prior to doing so and keep your hands and feet inside the trailer at all times.

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