Yandere Sim may be the most brutal anime-themed game I've ever seen

Meet Yandere Sim - a game that encourages players to kill school girls who even think about looking at your man.


One of my major hobbies outside of gaming is watching anime and partaking in the sights and sounds of the Japanese culture. Some of the animes I watch includes some characters who have interesting quirks, although I generally watch comedies and maybe a rom-com every so often. One interesting quirk that seems to be recurring in a number of anime is a “yandere” character, or a character that has psychotic or violent tendencies, but also shows affection towards a main character. This usually causes those around a main character to get hurt quite badly, either physically or emotionally, and often times, the main character suffers as a result. One great example of a yandere would be Yuno from Mirai Nikki, that’s why when I saw a yandere sim was being developed, I had to learn more about it.

Yandere Sim is a stealth-based game that’s been in development since April 2014. The game revolves around your main character, who is a yandere, to stalk a boy that’s caught your interest while killing any girls who appears to have any kind of interest in him, while at the same time maintaining an image of a normal girl as you attempt to dispose bodies and evidence so you don’t get caught.

The game will offer gameplay similar to the Hitman series where the player sneaks around in a public place, acquire weapons from the surrounding area, kill your target without being spotted, and then attempt not to get caught. Missions will have multiple ways to complete them as you can get rid of a girl by sabotaging her socially, plant incriminating evidence in her locker, or even get other girls to bully her to the point where she commits suicide.

Players will be able to pick traits for there Yandere girl, such as “Popular Girl” or “Wallflower” which offers its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, being a Popular Girl means everyone will like you, thus making it more difficult for people to become suspicious of your actions. There will also be a button dedicated to performing a creepy laugh that may serve as a way to lure other girls to your position, a Yandere Meter that represents how visibly insane you appear to others, and Yandere Vision, which allows players to view the game in a first-person perspective.

The game has really intrigued me with all that’s been planned for it since last year, so I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye to see how much Yandere Sim progresses and if it’ll be available for sale some time in the near future. For now, check out this early test play video of the game in action.

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