Theme Hospital is free on Origin

Ever wanted to run your own hospital, but don't want to deal with disease? Then head on over to Origin as they're giving away Theme Hospital away.


EA has a new title available through Origin’s On the House promotion, and with the recent outbreak of mumps, it’s a game that could very well save your life.

Theme Hospital is the latest game to get the On the House treatment as it’ll be available completely for free for Origin members. The title allows players to manager their own hospital filled with patients suffering from a number of goofy ailments. You’ll be tasked with completing a number of scenarios as you test your skills of handling epidemics, earthquakes, and additional situations.

If you’ve always wanted to manage your own hospital to see if you’ve got the chops, then head on over to Origin where you can download Theme Hospital for free. Just steer clear of the mumps.

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