CES 2015: Seagate showcases wireless drive and 7mm-thick drive

Seagate attended this year's CES to show off two new products. First, is its wireless USB 2.0 drive, and the second is an extremely thin hard drive at only 7mm thick.

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Seagate is a company known for its hard drive-based products, and at this year’s CES, they had two new products to announce that could be seen as perfect items for those who need their storage on the go.

The first is a wireless USB 2.0 drive that is able to be used to watch videos, view photos, or access any other media while you’re out and about. The drive is able to last somewhere between 6-8 hours and its available in a wide variety of colors.

The second is the Seagate Seven and it’s the thinnest hard drive ever made at 7mm thick. The drive is a USB 3.0 compatible drive with a premium finish and will be made available for $99.99 later this month.

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