Shack Deals: 58% Off Wireless Feather Buds: The Lightweight, Crystal Clear Bluetooth Headphones

Grab The Lightweight, Tangle-Free Headphones w/ Noise Canceling Shell & Built in Mic + Free Shipping!


Shacknews Deals is helping you cut the cord this and free yourself of those hated knots with the TOCCs Feather Buds. The comfortable, lightweight design allows you to run, jump and workout with no obstruction or annoying snags. With no delicate parts getting in the way, you won’t have any issue with pieces breaking or shorting out.

Experience the perfect mix of comfort, convenience, and high-quality sound. These bluetooth headphones are packed with awesome features that will make your other standard headphones obsolete.  With a noise canceling outer shell, you will be able to isolate the sounds you want to hear, leaving other sounds out and your favorite songs jammin’ in your ears.  The Feather Buds are lightweight and tangle free, so you never feel like you ears are weighed down with extra tech and you’re never left frustratingly untangling wires for what seems like hours.  The bluetooth transmission is crystal clear and works at a range up to 30ft, so you can be working around the house or working out and moving around freely without being hindered by wires or a clunky device.  

With so many headphones on the market it’s hard to find a set of headphones that checks all boxes. The Feather Buds do just that, packed with all the features your looking for like a noise canceling outer shell, tangle-free wireless design, lightweight build and crystal clear audio, you just won’t want to ever leave these bad boys at home.  With a built in microphone and remote as well, you can answer phone calls while on the go keeping you hands free and ready to go at a moments notice! 

Normally $60, we've got it for $24.99! That's 58% off your new music companion! Get your headset today at Shack Deal!

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