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Nvidia Shield Game Spotlight: Half-Life 2: Episode One

Half-Life 2: Episode One is now available exclusively for the Nvidia Shield Tablet. It's one of the best games in PC gaming history, and now fans can play it from almost anywhere.


Developed exclusively for the Nvidia Shield Tablet, Half-Life 2: Episode One puts players back into Gordon Freeman's hazard suit as he rejoins his companion, Alyx Vance, and her pet robot, Dog, in a resistance against an occupying alien force called The Combine. Taking place immediately after the events of Half-Life, Gordon and his friends must face the consequences of what they've done.

Originally released for the PC in 2006, Half-Life 2: Episode One was to be the first in a planned trilogy, and it remains one of the most respected series in PC gaming. The port to the Nvidia Shield Tablet maintains a high level of graphic fidelity, advanced physics handling (as demonstrated when using the gravity gun), and fast-paced gameplay. Players have to move around quickly when fighting Combine forces, and solve environmental puzzles by picking up large objects and hurling them using the gravity gun. However, being such an advanced game, and to fully preserve the feel of Half-Life, you'll need an Nvidia Shield Controller to play.

The world of Half-Life is full of dangers, like alien creatures and machines, which is why you have a protective hazard suit on you at all times. It will protect you from damage until all its power is depleted. There are intermittent charging stations throughout the game, but it'll be up to you to avoid damage whenever possible. In the meantime, you're free to employ various weapons to fight against the Combine and other dangers that surround you. You can even use a supercharged gravity gun to snatch enemies up off the ground and throw them at their comrades. This open ended approach toward an action game is what helped earn Half-Life its reputation as a high-technology game.

Additionally, the game includes some excellent characters, that are expertly voiced, and brought to life with expressive facial animations. Even the giant robotic pet, Dog, is fantastically animated and easy to bond with. Beyond that, Dr. Gordon Freeman is an almost inspirational main character, despite how he never utters a single word. He is a scientist in a fancy suit that only offers a limited amount of protection, not a soldier or superhero. Players have to survive using their smarts to solve environmental puzzles, and pick up weapons as they move along.

All that can now be played on a small tablet, without compromising performance or visuals, thanks to the power of Tegra graphics technology. So, you can take the fight against the Combine anywhere you want to go, or hook the Shield Tablet up to an HDTV using an HDMI cable (purchased separately) for a big screen gaming experience. Either way, you'll have a chance to take on the alien menace and teach them that humanity isn't to be messed with.

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