Shack Reels: Until Dawn Interview with Victoria Miller

We interview associate producer Victoria Miller about Until Dawn. Make sure you watch the interview with the lights turned on.

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Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn has been gaining attention ever since the title reemerged in late summer. Our very own Ozzie was able to get some hands-on time with the title just a few weeks ago during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event, and recently, Steven Wong spoke with associate producer Victoria Miller about the game.

In the following video interview, Miller gives us a rundown of what Until Dawn is all about. If you’re unfamiliar with this PlayStation 4 exclusive, eight friends come together to celebrate an anniversary of sorts at a mountain lodge, when everything just goes terribly wrong considering there’s a psychopath attempting to murder all of them.

The player will control all eight characters at one point or another, and their fate lies directly in the decisions you make for them. All characters can survive, die, and anything else in between. This also helps bump up Until Dawn’s replay value as you could end up with a variety of survivors at the end of your story, or they could all become yet more victims of the killer.

Rather than spoil the entire interview here, check out the video above to learn more about Until Dawn and why you should be very careful with revealing what kind of fears you have to the game.

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