Additional Splatoon story and gameplay details revealed

Splatoon is getting a lot of attention and today, we're learning some new details regarding the game's story as well as gameplay.


Nintendo’s Splatoon was introduced during E3 2014, which we learned a bit of the title’s single-player campaign from a Nintendo Direct stream earlier this month. Today, we’re learning a little bit more about the game’s story as well as some aspects of its gameplay mechanics.

Siliconera did some digging of the title’s official Twitter account, which publishes its updates in Japanese, and learned we’ll be guided by mysterious squid character who will be our guide through Splatoon’s Hero Mode. The mysterious squid is in the know regarding the Octopus Corps’ activities, while other squids are left out in the dark and have been living peaceful lives.

The world of Splatoon runs off the energy of a “Battery Catfish,” and it’ll be up to you to retrieve it from the Octopus Corps, who have stolen it for presumably nefarious reasons.

We also learn some of Splatoon’s gameplay mechanics. Here's what the control scheme is in Splatoon:

  • ZL – Squid (dive into the ink)
  • L stick – Move
  • R – Bomb (uses 70% of your ink)
  • ZR – Ink Shot (uses ink)
  • R stick – Look left and right
  • X – Jump
  • Y – Camera Reset
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