Destiny trial demo now available across all platforms

Curious to see what all the love / hate for Destiny is all about? Do you own a last-gen or current-gen game console? Then you could try it out for yourself starting today.


If you have yet to jump on the Destiny hype train, Activision is allowing those curious about the game to dip their big toe into the Guardian-filled waters. Starting today, the publisher has released a demo for Destiny on both last-gen and current-gen consoles.

The limited-time demo will allow players to create and evolve their own Guardian as well as participate in story missions, co-op missions and social activities. Those who purchase Destiny after taking part in this special demo will be able to pick up right where they left off as both their progress and Guardian will be completely intact, as long as you stay within the same console family.

Current-gen console owners will be able to instantly upgrade their demo version of Destiny to a full version through their console’s respective digital marketplace. Last-gen owners, on the other hand, will either need to purchase a copy of Destiny at retailers or digitally. I assume the reason for this is so the entire game isn’t downloaded on the limited hard drives of last-gen consoles.

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