Rockstar details Grand Theft Auto 5 exclusive content for returning players

Those who are returning to Grand Theft Auto 5 this November will be receiving a bevy of exclusive content that may just be too good to pass up.


Grand Theft Auto 5’s PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC release may not be the first time some players will be experiencing the game. Which is why Rockstar previously announced a number of incentives for those who played GTA 5’s last-gen gen version in order to entice them to pick up the current-gen and PC versions. Today, we’re learning a few more details regarding these incentives.

Returning players will be able to partake in a number of new events that will reward them with exclusive new vehicles, which include the Imponte Duke O’Death, the GTA-series classic Dodo seaplane, the Cheval Marshall monster truck, and the Xero Gas Blimp. Two new weapons will also be available: the high-powered and high-velocity Rail Gun and the Hatchet.

A number of new activities will also be available, like the Wildlife Photography Challenge, Stock Car Races, Monkey Mosaics, and a murder mystery challenge that has Michael following a trail of cryptic clues to uncover who performed the grisly murder.

Rockstar also makes sure to note those who purchased the Special Edition or Collector’s Edition of GTA 5 will also be able to access that same content within the current-gen and PC versions of the game. The content of these editions will automatically be unlocked and accessible in the new versions of the game.

I personally can't wait to play GTA 5 all over again, especially to earn all of this exclusive content. I was already excited for a current-gen version, but now that I see all of my previous hard work will still be rewarded in this new version, I absolutely cannot wait.

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