Titanfall reveals three new game modes [Update]

As part of its biggest update so far, Respawn has revealed a new wave-based co-op mode for Titanfall for up to four players.


It wasn't all that long ago that Respawn unveiled the final map pack for Titanfall. In retrospect, it may have been a bit naive to think that would be the end for the long-awaited mech-based shooter. As it turns out, Respawn isn't quite finished yet. In fact, they revealed what's said to be the game's biggest update.

Respawn took to their Twitch channel today to announce that a four-player waved-based co-op mode. Four friends will team up to take on new enemy types created specifically for this mode. The object is to protect the Harvester from incoming IMC forces. The new mode will support all 24 of the game's maps, including the DLC offerings.

New enemies include Pilot and Titan variants, such as Strider-type Titans surrounded by an electrical field and Suicide Spectres. Grunts and Spectre AI has been improved significantly to the point that they will exercise many common Pilot practices, like rodeoing your Titans. The idea becomes to adjust to different enemies and exercise different tactics. Loadout crates will allow players to change their loadouts in mid-match in-between waves.

Respawn also discussed two other new game modes set to come to the game. Marked for Death Pro expands on the Marked for Death concept by dividing each session into rounds. If a marked target dies, a new round will begin. Meanwhile, Deadly Ground will fill the ground with deadly electric smoke, requiring Pilots to stay wall-running for as long as possible to stay above-ground. Titans deployed during this mode will gradually take damage, making them more of a limited-time power-up.

The Black Market will also begin selling passes that will instantly pass in-game Challenges. By using in-game credits, players can automatically bypass certain challenges and collect their rewards.

Other updates include loading optimization and new TXAA and HBAO graphics options on PC, new voice over packs, new insignias, sudden death in Capture the Flag, and other bug fixes and balance tweaks.

The Titanfall update is expected to arrive on Thursday. The Deadly Ground mode will arrive on November 5, while Marked for Death Pro hits on November 26. Check out the full patch notes here.

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