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Surgeon Simulator dev announces bread simulator 'I Am Bread'

Yes - you read right. Their next game has you playing as a slice of bread.

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Bossa Studios, best known for their quirky medical simulation Surgeon Simulator, has announced their latest title in where players will get to live their life-long dreams of being a slice of bread.

The announcement was made via the developer’s Twitter account along with a message “LOOK WHAT WE MADE!” In addition to the tweet, a first look video was also published showing off what we can expect from I Am Bread.

Just as you would expect, there’s a lot of flopping around as a piece of bread as you get into a ton of hijinks, such as finding yourself lying on a fan blade, mopping up the inside of a toilet, and toasting your buns. From the looks of the trailer, it appears the objective is to create a piece of bread that’s filled with “edibility” and “deliciousness” before it’s presented onto a plate to then consume.

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