Free 'Crazy Taxi' rides offered for New York Comic-Con attendees

SEGA will be offering free "Crazy Taxi" rides for attendees of this week's New York Comic-Con. This can't end well.


New York is going to get a whole lot crazier this week as SEGA is announcing they’re partnering with Hailo to give free taxi rides during this week’s New York Comic-Con. But not just any taxi ride, but a “crazy” taxi ride. This can’t end well.

The promotion will occur on October 9th and 10th where special taxis that will resemble those that are featured in Sega's mobile game, Crazy Taxi City Rush, and will give rides to Comic-Con attendees from the Javits Center to their desired destination. Attendees would need to use the Hailo app to hail a taxi for a chance to be randomly selected to be picked up by this special cab. Riders who get picked up the Crazy Taxi City Rush taxi won’t only receive a free cab ride, but also will have a chance to win exclusive prizes that include signed Hulk Hogan merchandise and more during their ride.

Those looking to try their luck at riding in the Crazy Taxi City Rush cab will need to attempt to hail it on October 9 from 12pm to 7pm and on October 10 from 10am to 7pm. Unfortunately, there are limits to this free cab ride as you’ll need to live anywhere in Manhattan south of 100th street. So if you live on 101st street, you better have your walking shoes handy.

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