Battlefield 4 'Fall Patch' now available across all platforms

A massive 1.16GB patch has been made available for Battlefield 4 across all platforms that offers way more improvements than we can list.


Fans of DICE’s Battlefield series have been generally left unsatisfied by Battlefield 4’s initial offering. Unfortunately, no matter how much patching was done, the game just didn’t feel as comfortable as Battlefield 3 did. Today, EA and DICE have released a massive 1.16GB patch that addresses many issues fans have had with the latest Battlefield release.

Some improvements you can expect in today’s patch include an improvement to soldiers’ movements that match Battlefield 3’s, improved revive mechanic and improvements to sights including close and medium range sight reticles and improved visibility for red glowing reticles.

A new sub-game mode called Obliteration Competitive is also being included in today’s patch.

The new Battlefield 4 patch is now available across all platforms, although PC and PlayStation 3 players have some unique fixes not found on other platforms. For those interested in disecting all of the improvements, you can do so here.

While we certainy appreciate DICE and EA's commitment to give Battlefield fans the improvements they've been asking for, we wonder if today's update may be too little, too late.

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