Destiny patch tweaks Vault of Glass and some missions

Bungie released patch for Destiny which addresses some issues Guardians were experiencing in Vault of Glass and lowers the difficulty of select missions.


The Queen’s Wrath event wasn’t the only thing Bungie launched this week in the world of Destiny. A new patch has also been released that reduces the difficulty of several activities within the game and fixes some issues some Guardians have experienced within the Vault of Glass.

Destiny’s patch makes Shrine of Oryx, Sword of Crota and Exclusion Zone missions easier to handle by removing all majors from Heroic tiers, which should allow Guardians a less stressful time trying to complete those missions.

The Vault of Glass raid has also been tweaked as players who drop the relic at the end of the raid will no longer be met with a complete team wipe, which will help prevent players from being stuck at a black screen once it’s completed. Guardians will continue to remain dead if they were deceased when the mission ends. This is a bug that will be addressed in an upcoming patch. So our advice would be to try your best not to die until this particular issue has been resolved.

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