Killzone: Shadow Fall receives three free downloadable maps today

Killzone: Shadow Fall players will be able to download three additional maps for free today, further extending the shelf life of this shooter.


Killzone: Shadow Fall was released nearly one year ago on the PlayStation 4, and even after all of that time, both Sony and Guerrilla Games have been releasing additional content for the game on a regular basis. Today, a total of three downloadable maps are available on the PlayStation Network, and best of all, they’re completely free of charge.

The maps offered are a combination of one online competitive multiplayer map and two cooperative maps. As a reminder, the only way you’ll be able to play the co-op maps is if you purchased Intercept as either an add-on or its standalone version.

The competitive map, called The Statue, takes place moments after an explosion laid a precious Helghast monument in ruins leaving them to the massive task of reconstructing both the Scolar Visari memorial statue and its adjacent armory building. The map has a number of routes that provide fast and easy access to much of the combat area, although players can gain an advantage if they are able to maintain control of its large mechanical doors.

The ATAC Tower cooperative map features the ATAC Tower, which serves as a base for ATAC drones that are patrolling New Helghan’s borders. The VSA has sent the ISA to secure the tower considering these drones have proven to be quite an effective deterrent against both Vektan invaders and Helghast defectors.

And lastly, The Canal cooperative map is filled with discarded junk and debris, causing its riverbed to overflow. The abandoned treatment facility was used by a key VSA informant as a hideout before disappearing. It’s up to ISA to send collected intel back to Vekta.

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