Hyrule Warriors intentionally aims for 'the Dynasty Warriors experience,' says Miyamoto

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma explained why the new Hyrule Warriors game took the direction it did.


Usually, players know what to expect from a game in The Legend of Zelda series. However, with Hyrule Warriors, there's a rather creative twist, as familiar characters from the franchise engage in the kind of beat-em-up action we've come to expect from the Dynasty Warriors games.

However, here's the real surprise. That's how Shigeru Miyamoto wanted the game to be.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Zelda producer and Hyrule Warriors supervisor Eiji Aonuma explained that when Koei Tecmo development producer Yosuke Hayashi first proposed the game, it was more like a traditional Zelda adventure, "extended to having boss battles in the dungeons and (having) certain characters in the game."

However, when it came down to it, that's not the direction producer Shigeru Miyamoto wanted it to go. "However, Mr. Miyamoto came along and up-ended the tea table, saying, 'No, that should not be the case. What we're doing here is grafting Zelda onto the Dynasty Warriors experience,'" said Aonuma.

"It was a reversal of the original proposal from Hayahsi-san, which was adding elements of Dynasty Warriors onto the Zelda franchise. It ended up being the other way around based on Miyamoto's direction."

Regardless of direction, the game certainly drew a big crowd at PAX Prime this past week, and should no doubt make a dent in the Wii U market when it arrives on store shelves September 26th.

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