Shacknews Chattycast 10: A Wild Daniel Appears!

In which we pine for the holiday season, dream of Telltale games they'll never make, and recap PAX.


This week, the Chattycast panel welcomes not one but two guests. The team's latest newsie, Daniel Perez sits in on the shenanigans, and our own streaming star Sam Leichtamer pops in to talk PAX Prime. After that we talk about the holiday season, matchmaking, compulsive game habits, and our own Telltale wish lists. All the while we try not to get on Daniel's bad side, because when the Robcalypse occurs he'll surely be put in charge of exacting retribution.

Thanks as always to those who chipped in with topic suggestions this week: EvilDolemite, Solstice, mobab, sergeon, and Nerdsbeware. If you want your name honored and revered here, keep an eye on Chatty to suggest topics for next week's show!

Games Discussed
PAX Prime: Titan Souls, Gigantic, The Order 1886, Evolve
Segment 2: Hearthstone, Titanfall
Segment 3: Final Fantasy games, Splinter Cell, Skyrim
Segment 4: The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Back to the Future

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