Destiny PlayStation Vita Remote Play optimized prior to release

Bungie has tweaked the PS Vita's Remote Play feature so handheld gamers can actually compete with console players.


Those who played the Destiny beta on the PlayStation 4 and also happen to own a PlayStation Vita know just how much fun playing Bungie’s shooter via Remote Play can be. In fact, according to the latest PlayStation Blog video, there were a lot of you who were using Remote Play while playing the Destiny beta. So they took it upon themselves to highlight some tweaks that have been made to the control scheme when playing on the PS Vita.

Bungie has optimized the controls of the Vita’s Remote Play feature while playing Destiny. The button guide is just a PS button press away and should probably be done the first time you fire up Remote Play to better familiarize yourself with the Vita’s control scheme. For example: since running is done on the console version by press the L3 button, you originally weren’t able to sprint in the Destiny beta. Bungie decided to remedy this by allowing players to press the down D-Pad button in order to sprint.

Portions of the touchscreen are also used for specific commands. Touching the left side of the screen will throw a grenade, while the right side will perform a melee attack. Let’s just hope the rear touchpad has been disabled since we’re all too familiar with the accidental inputs that can occur, especially while playing first-person shooters.

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