Star Wars: Commander now available on iOS

Ready for some intergalactic strategic battle?


Disney continued its Star Wars-oriented mobile push this week with the announcement of yet another new game for the App Store, Star Wars: Commander.

This game, a free-to-play title in the same vein as Clash of Clans and its numerous copycats, has you managing allies as the battlefield commander, fighting off enemies while making your way across the galaxy. You can choose between the Rebels and the Empire, depending on whether you're in a good mood or simply want to crush those puny Rebels under your boot.

The game features the ability to build and defend your base, take part in epic battles, and even upgrade your weapons and attack patterns so you truly become the ultimate Commander. Well, that's the idea, anyway.

Star Wars: Commander is available for download now, and highly recommended for fans of the series. After all, Episode VII is still a ways off.

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