Skylanders Trap Team gets the deluxe treatment on tablet devices

The game will be similar to the console version, complete with a special controller and portal.


Skylanders: Trap Team won't just be working its magic when it comes out on consoles this October, as Activision is planning its most elaborate mobile release to date to coincide with it.

Trap Team will release for mobile devices on the same day, complete with its own Portal of Power, as well as a built-in Bluetooth controller that allows players to take part in similar platforming action that can be found in the console versions. This is a big change for the series, as previous Skylanders adventures were clearly mobile games that utilized the devices' touch-screens.    

The mobile version will be fully compatible with all the figurines in the game, and players can take it on-the-go when they're not taking part in playing on game consoles. 

Best of all, the Portal of Power actually doubles as a tablet stand, so users can set up their device and play to their heart's content, without having to worry about their tablet falling over. We hate that.

Skylanders: Trap Team will ship on October 5th for mobile, as well as Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, 3DS and Wii U.

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