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New update to Gods Will Be Watching provides some much-needed Mercy

The game probably won't have you cursing so much now. Probably.


Gods Will Be Watching is a curious little beast of a game, one that can crush unsuspecting players who aren't prepared for its venomous difficulty. However, today, the developers at Deconstructeam have decided to provide a much-needed break for these players, so they could, you know, actually enjoy the game.

A new Mercy Update, which is available now, not only comes with a number of bug fixes, but also various modes that make it a bit easier to enjoy the game.

The highlight is the inclusion of Puzzle Mode and Puzzle Mode Light. In the original Puzzle Mode, the difficulty level stays the same, but removes the element of random chance, making it possible to complete them much better. If the original Puzzle Mode is too much for you still, Light alleviates the mode a bit with an easier difficulty setting.

Finally, Narrative Mode makes the game even more tolerable, allowing you to play it as a narrative experience, with much more guidance than you'd get out of the regular game. Whew.

"The team is very happy with the release of Gods Will Be Watching and the reception of the intense challenge we set out to deliver, but we've also been listening carefully to all the feedback, and we want to make the game as accessible as possible to every kind of player,” said Deconstructeam designer Jordi de Paco. “The Mercy Update is the result of our team’s discussions with both fans and critics, refining the game and creating new settings that allow more gamers to experience Gods Will Be Watching at a comfortable challenge level."

Of course, those who prefer to play the regular way can still do so, punishing themselves as they ultimately dish out the damage. To everyone else, though, breathe easy. It appears the Gods are listening…or, at the very least, Deconstructeam.

Gods Will Be Watching is available now on PC/Steam.

Robert Workman was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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    August 8, 2014 10:30 AM

    Robert Workman posted a new article, New update to Gods Will Be Watching provides some much-needed Mercy.

    The game probably won't have you cursing so much now. Probably.

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      August 8, 2014 10:33 AM

      I started playing this when it came out, it seemed neat. But I am one of those baby gamers that hates repetition, so after failing the first mission 3 times, I sort of wandered off.

      I didn't want to play it the way it wasn't intended, but at the same time, this sounds like an alright middle ground that I can get back to and maybe enjoy it more.

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