Battlefield 4 free trial being offered on Origin Game Time very soon

The hit first-person shooter should be available in the next few hours.


As it previously did with the game on the PlayStation 3 a few weeks back, Electronic Arts has announced that it will provide a free trial version of Battlefield 4, but this time for its Origin Game Time program.

Here's how it works. Users can pick up and download the game free of charge initially once it appears on the service, which should be within a few hours. After downloading and starting the game, an in-game clock will tick off, with 168 hours (or approximately one week) to play through it. Once the time runs out, you'll need to purchase the full game in order to continue, but your Achievements and game progress will be carried over from the trial version. None of the DLC is included with the package, and needs to be purchased separately.

While it's a bummer the game isn't all-out free, this is certainly a good way to get used to what Battlefield 4 has to offer before you decide to invest. Certainly beats nothing.

You'll be able to find the game on the official Origin Game Time page.

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