SDCC 14: Laser tag with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

2K Games is hosting a great combat alternative this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con.


The San Diego Comic-Con floor is jumping enough as it is, but for those of you who don’t have a badge, the Nerd Machine’s goings-on at the nearby Petco Park is the next best thing. Here, fans can drop in and check out a number of promotional events, as well as take part in giveaways and panels. It’s like their own little Comic-Con.

Meanwhile, on the top level of Petco Park, Nerdist Industries has taken over with a number of activities all its own, including a free candy booth (Red Hots! Nerds!) and an interactive stage featuring Nerdist talent, such as Jessica Chobot. The real activity, however, is laser tag.

2K Games has teamed up with Nerdist to host an interactive laser tag session, complete with an enclosed arena with plenty of cover points and high-tech rifles with an indication screen, showing when you score kills or when you’re hit. There’s no need to wear some ridiculous get-up here, as the rifles actually read everything you’re doing on the battlefield. Finally, no reason to wear a stupid helmet!

The session we took part in featured two teams, green and yellow. To tell the difference between teammates, we were all given headbands and wristbands that clearly show our team colors. From there, we got our guns and prepped for battle, spreading out across the two areas and slowly but surely taking over each other’s domain.

So why would 2K host a laser tag session instead of playable Borderlands kiosks, you ask? First off, laser tag is more fun. Even in the hot San Diego sun, the activity presented the opportunity to feel what combat is like first hand.

Secondly, we’ve played Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel already, and there’s still plenty of opportunity to check out the game while waiting in line, as well as catch a photo with Handsome Jack and snag a pre-order poster, if you’re up for it.

Finally, did we mention laser tag was fun? Because it is. The whole time beforehand, they had us waiting in the bleachers at Petco Park while they prepped the arena and guns for the next battle. This was an ample opportunity to pass along some trash talk, including “Well, your mother’s on TEAM BLUE!” or stuff along those lines. This helped bump up the action to another level, even though it remained playful and enjoyable. Plus, one guy even had two laser tag guns for some reason. Hey, we want to double wield, too!

Thanks to 2K Games for hosting the session and inviting us out for some laser tag shooty fun. If you’re in the San Diego area and want to check it out, stop by Petco Park and take the escalators all the way to the top. Enjoy yourself.

Oh, and if you see us going into battle, you're already dead!

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