New DLC content arrives for Muramasa Rebirth

Grab a sickle and get to cutting.


The latest piece of downloadable content for the hit hack-and-slash PS Vita game Muramasa Rebirth has just been released, and fans of combat are sure to have a good time with it.

Titled A Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting, the DLC will offer a new playable character named Arashimaru, who enters the heat of battle while wielding a sickle and kunai. You'll rip your way through old and new enemies alike, while also summoning a giant snake spirit that overcomes everything on the screen.

The content will set players back $4.99, although, if they're PlayStation Plus subscribers, they cang et the core game of Muramasa Rebirth for absolutely free right now. Two other pieces of DLC, Fishy Tales of the Nekomata and A Cause to Daikon For, are also available for $4.99 apiece, as part of the Genroku Legends pack.

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