MLB 14: The Show heads to the All-Star Game

Sony emulates the all-star affair using its hit baseball game.


Major League Baseball's biggest week is upon us, as the All-Star game is set to kick off at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many superstar players will step up to represent their American and National Leagues, trying to prove who's the best. Sony took it the extra mile this week, emulating the all-star slamfest with its baseball simulation MLB 14: The Show.

The video highlights, as shown below, give you an idea of what to expect from the game, including strong hits from the likes of Carlos Gomez and Andrew McCutchen, as well as plenty of steals and home runs for good measure.

As for the end result, not to be a spoiler, but the National League does come out on top in a close 5-3 contest. Fans can certainly argue whether this will play out in real life, but, hey, if you own a copy of MLB 14 for either PS3, PS4 or PS Vita, you can come up with your own conclusion, right?

The MLB All Star Game airs tomorrow night on Fox. MLB 14: The Show is available now.

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