Hitman GO 'Airport Box' now available

Hitman GO has received an update, giving access to the "Airport Box." It includes new stages, smarter guards, and new mechanics for Agent 47.


Hitman Go, the puzzle game modeled after board games based on an action game, has received an update. The new "Airport Box" is now available, adding new stages and gameplay elements to keep your little plastic version of Agent 47 on his well-dressed toes.

The update includes 15 new stages, set in an airport. A new "Civilian Mode" makes you less suspicious until your first kill, but the addition of "high alert" guards who can watch two lines at once make things trickier. You can also skip a turn to wait quietly as your enemies make a move, and use automated walkways to move quickly to other locations.

The update is now available for the iOS version, and coming to Android devices in a week or two. You can unlock the Airport Box stages by either completing enough mission objectives (120), or skip to unlocking them for a buck. Square Enix points out that if you've already had your fill of the original levels and completed most of the objectives, you can unlock the Airport right away without paying anything.


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