Final Fantasy Explorers announced for 3DS

Final Fantasy Explorers, a 3DS action-RPG akin to the popular Monster Hunter series, has been announced.


Square Enix has announced another spin-off on the way, titled Final Fantasy Explorers. The 3DS game appears to be an action RPG akin to Monster Hunter, with multiplayer consisting of players using common Final Fantasy job classes.

The game made its debut in the Japanese magazine Jump (via Siliconera). The magazine showed four job classes: Black Mage, White Mage, Monk, and Knight. For those unfamiliar with Final Fantasy jobs, that equates to ranged offensive spells, healing spells, melee physical damage, and a shield.

A follow-up from Japanese magazine Famitsu shared even more details. It will have 20 jobs in all, and Famitsu name-dropped Dragoon, Paladin, Thief, Ninja, Red Mage, Time Mage, and Bard. You can map your own combination of eight abilities to the buttons. Once you learn an ability as a class, you can always equip it, but it will cost twice as much if you're not in the base class that supports it. The magazine compared it to a lighter version of Square's two MMOs, Final Fantasy 11 and Final Fantasy 14.

You'll play with up to three other players at a time, and the story ultimately revolves around defeating Summon creatures like Ifrit while searching for crystals.

No release date has been given, and Square hasn't announced it for North America. Notably, it chose to introduce the game in Japanese magazines instead of E3.

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