PSA: Civilization 5 on SteamOS (and on sale)

Civilization 5 is now available on SteamOS and Linux, and it's on sale for a hefty discount for a limited time as well.


Of all the times to roll out a video game, the middle of E3 probably threatens to drown it out the most. That makes the announcement of Civilization 5 on Linux and SteamOS a bit odd, but let this serve as your official alert: Civ 5 is now on Linux and SteamOS. And it's on sale to boot.

As part of a launch sale (via PC Gamer, Civ 5 is 67% off, making it $16.49. A boatload of its expansion packs and previous Civ iterations are on sale for 75% off too, letting you snag Brave New World or Gods and Kings for $7.49, or Civilization 3 with all its trappings and widgets for less than two bucks. The sale ends shortly, though, so you'd best get on that quickly.

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