PlayStation 4/Vita Ultimate Bundle leaked, could release next week

A PlayStation 4/PS Vita Ultimate Bundle could be hitting retail next week.

A PlayStation 4 bundled with a Vita certainly makes sense, especially given how the two interact with Remote Play. Sony's been pretty mum on the subject, but if a leaked Amazon France listing and Best Buy ad are any indication, we could be seeing such a bundle happen very soon. The listing shows the packaging of a PlayStation 4 500 GB system and a PS Vita slim model together into a bundle that would cost around $560 in U.S. dollars, although it doesn't appear that any games are included with the deal – just the hardware. This information first emerged from an Amazon France listing (via IGN).

Sony could be releasing the Ultimate Bundle as soon as this weekend

However, further confirmation appeared in the form of a leaked Best Buy ad for next week, leaked by Twitter user Wario64. The ad clearly shows that the systems are being packaged together, along with a digital copy of Borderlands 2 for the Vita, for the price of $559.99. Sony had no comment on the bundle just yet. But with the company's pre-E3 press conference happening next week, it seems likely we'll see an announcement there.

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