Fan-made Metal Gear remake given Konami blessing

A mod team has gotten the go-ahead for a remake of Metal Gear on PC.

With all the crazy pre-E3 announcements happening today, Konami decided to make a little news as well – and this one is a blast from the past. The publisher has approved a mod team to work on one of its most heralded classics from the NES era, Metal Gear. according to Kotaku reports that Outer Heaven, a mod team that is quite familiar with tooling with Solid Snake's territory, have gotten the go-ahead to rebuild the original Metal Gear from scratch, using the Alien Swarm engine provided by Valve. As you can see from the renders above and below, the team has some big plans for the game. There are some certain rules that the team has to follow with the mod, although the main one is that it can't profit from the project. Konami stated specifically that "you cannot use our copyrighted material to promote a product you are selling or making any profit from." That said, if the team does well enough, Konami mentioned the possibility of making it an official release.

Outer Heaven has some big plans for the original game

Meanwhile, the team is looking for help with level design, modeling, texture art, C++ programming, music and acting. Those parties interested in the project can reach out at We wish Outer Heaven the best of luck, and can't wait to see the finished results.
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