Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare teased for PlayStation platforms

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will be taking its multiplayer mayhem to PlayStation consoles.


Earlier this year, Electronic Arts released the Popcap-developed Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for Xbox One and Xbox 360, a game that took the strategic universe and threw it into a full-fledged team-based third-person shooter. It was always pitched as a timed exclusive, though, and EA has started to tease its pollination on other platforms.

EA released a pair of images (via Polygon) that pay homage to exclusive Sony franchises Sly Cooper and Fat Princess--but with relative touches that relate to the Plants vs. Zombies series. For instance, Sly Cooper has been replaced with the Peashooter character, under the name Fly Shooter (with the tagline "Shooters just got weird" for good measure.)

The publisher stopped short of officially announcing the release dates for PlayStation platforms. But with its E3 press conference just a couple of weeks away, a 2014 date seems likely.

Robert Workman was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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