Standalone Kinect coming 'later,' may be bundled with a game

Microsoft is going to start offering a Kinect-less Xbox One, but if you decide you still want a Kinect you'll have to wait a little while, and probably pay more for a bundle.


Microsoft is offering a version of Xbox One without Kinect starting on June 9, but what if you pick one up and decide you still want the camera device? You'll have to wait a while to pick up the accessory, and probably pay a little more in the process.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer told IGN that a standalone version of Kinect will be coming "a little later" than the new Xbox. On top of that, it probably won't cost $100 by itself, so it will still be cheaper to purchase the $499 version if you plan on getting both. “There is some efficiency in putting everything together in one box," Spencer said. "So we’ll announce more on pricing later.”

He also implied that when a standalone Kinect does come, it may be bundled with a game. We haven't seen many Kinect-exclusive games yet, but E3 will give Microsoft another chance to sell the device with software.

Spencer said the company started discussing removing Kinect a year ago, but it became more of a priority after he took the position as the head of the Xbox division. He set his goals around working on common fan feedback, and that included removing Kinect, bringing Games with Gold to Xbox One, and unshackling entertainment apps from Gold. All of those, not coincidentally, were announced today. Spencer said it was important to get those announcements out now, so that E3 could be focused on games.

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