CastleStorm: Free to Siege hits mobile this week

Castlestorm, the free-to-play tower defense game, is hitting iOS and Android this Thursday.


CastleStorm, the free-to-play tower defense game, is coming to mobile devices this week. Developer Zen Studios announced it will hit iOS and Android on Thursday, May 8.

Zen announced the port in February, and Android users were able to sign up for a beta at that time. The full version includes all four nations with their own troops, weapons, and spells, with eight playable heroes. The mobile version is also packing new spells not found in the console versions.

“Over 6,000 players joined the CastleStorm – Free to Siege beta on Android, providing valuable feedback that impacted many aspects of the game, including the in-game economy and important gameplay elements,” said Zen Studios' Mel Kirk, in the announcement. “Thank you to all the players who helped us make a better game.”

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