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EVE Online 'Kronos' to kick off more frequent updates

CCP announced at EVE Fanfest over the weekend that the upcoming summer update, Kronos, will kick off much more frequent updates.


At EVE Fanfest this weekend, CCP detailed plans for this summer's release, along with a big shift to how it rolls out updates in general. Starting with Kronos on June 3, EVE Online will aim for 10 releases annually, a major increase from the previous two expansions per year.

Kronos will introduce dynamic shifts to the economy of EVE Online, in the form of cost-scale differences, specialized workers, and reprocessing changes. Player activity will also have a greater impact on the industry of different solar systems, and players will be able to jump into industry more quickly. It will also introduce a series of new Mordu's Legion ships, rebalance ships and drones, and introduce more customization options like sounds and warp effects. It will be available to subscribers and as a trial on June 3.

“The new cadence of development will allow us to take on bigger, more ambitious features, deliver content at an increased pace, and give our players even more to look forward to,” said senior producer Andie Nordgren, in the announcement. “Kronos is the perfect release to kick off the series of upcoming changes as it provides the foundation for the colonization dreams of player empires we’re working towards--epic sci-fi construction projects that lead to new parts of the universe.”

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