Ultra Street Fighter 4 getting training lobbies and offline replays

Capcom has announced a couple more features for Ultra Street Fighter 4, including the ability to wait for online matches in training mode, and offline replays.


As Ultra Street Fighter 4 prepares for launch next month, Capcom has outlined a few more features coming to the final(?) version of the fighter. These will help you warm up before a match, and brag afterwards.

The Capcom Blog shares the details. For one, USF4 will have a Training Mode Fight Request feature, letting you practice up in the training center while you wait to connect to an online match. It will also add an Offline Battle Log, which will let you show replays of your offline matches just like the online ones. Plus as we already know, the game will let you upload to YouTube, so that couch session where you humiliated your friend doesn't have to remain strictly in the realm of sweet, sweet memories.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be available digitally only on PS3 and Xbox 360 at first, for $29.99. In August the PC version is due, and that month will also see the release of retail discs for the console versions, for $39.99. If you already own an existing game and just want to upgrade to the "Ultra" version, that will cost you $14.99.

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