GameStop offering Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie tickets with game purchase

GameStop is offering tickets to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a purchase of the game, as long as you show up early enough to snag them.


The Venn diagram for people interested in playing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is basically just one circle. It's hard to imagine anyone playing the game without also checking out the movie, and GameStop is capitalizing on that notion with a special day to give away movie tickets with purchase of the game tie-in.

On April 29, GameStop will hold an Amazing Spider-Man 2 day. If you purchase the game on that day, not only will you get the Web Threads pack, you'll also get two tickets to the movie. The tickets will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis, so you may have to wake up a little early for it.

The festivities will also include clips of Spidey 2 playing in the store, probably on a loop to drive the poor cashiers insane, and extra trade-in credit if you're putting it towards the game. Trades toward ASM2 will count for an extra 30%, or 40% if you're a PowerUp Rewards member.

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